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Taking the present norms of EA to modernize the earlier IPs in the free to play ambit into account, the latest launch of SimCity Game didn’t fetch as many eyeballs as one would have wanted to. The reasons came after the announcement that the concerned franchise would return to its vintage iOS platform with another free to play system. Nevertheless, the new game does make a huge impression on the player’s minds with its enthralling visuals and excellent monetization system. It goes beyond saying that the game doesn’t create the same excitement or magic as the classic series did, but it does manage to create momentary bouts of exultations and wonderful surprises in the middle of game and towards the end.

The core properties

In addition to channelizing your skills in placement of parks, public buildings, strategic zoning, decision making and private residences alongside the coin sinks and discerning the vast inventory, there are many other things that deserve proper mention.

  • The pattern to obtain special materials for land expansion and inventory is quite random, which can be frustrating sometimes. Still, you can buy them from other players.
  • Any mistreatment from the RNG, you can do the thing mentioned just above. Many players resented the game’s decision to confine some of advanced or cooler buildings to the gamut of premium currency purchases only.
  • An obvious pitfall is that the amount required to buy them is lesser than the sum you earn in SimCity. However, Knowing how to hack simcity buildit will make it for free.

On winsome aspects

Many players might be annoyed with the game since it doesn’t comply with the classic modality and style of SimCity title.

  • Here, you mustn’t be judgmental or hard in taking a stance or decision. It’s good to play it for its essence.
  • It’s a freemium title game with each facet becoming relatively fair as the action unfolds. You’ll find the same aspects in free-to-play offerings and stumbles.
  • The game is visually very appealing and pays homage to vintage series.

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The gripping visuals

A foregone conclusion is that SimCity’s biggest and strongest positive lies in the awesome graphics. Precisely, its visuals can drive you crazy.

  • You have complete rotational command over your town and its structures.
  • Each edifice entails minute and magnificent detailing, which makes them appear great, full and virtually real.
  • The city bustles with life and noise and while you zoom into the center, you can also see the vehicles plying on the streets. The noises, clutter and crackles, coupled with spot and pavement lights and traffic snarls blocking the city gates make it a real-life and wonderful experience.

Impact of the visuals

A lot of hullabaloo has taken place over its freemium nature. It’s an outstanding aspect and there’s no doubt about it. The first-timer capacity determines this freemium part. Although a lot of graphics are rather superficial in nature and context, they still create a fascinating and worthwhile sight. For impatient gamers, these aspects are really helpful to keep you glued to set till the end.

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